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Happy Birthday LetsTalkCoding

So, we last posted back in October stating a few changes (services side) would be happening however things had popped up which involved myself moving homes and being without internet. 

Considering it’s letstalkcoding second birthday today I’ll be releasing some changes very soon. I’m now finally settled in our new house and just small stuff to finish I’ll have more time for IRC. Things seem really stable other than Kuroi server vanishing for an unknown reason.

A further update will happen soon.

DNS issues

We experienced some DNS outages last night, which have now been fully fixed. Our ns1 box seem to have been taking offline (network related) luckily I could still take a live snapshot and rebuild the box on another system.

This effected everything from IRC to reserve DNS. Hopefully this won’t be happening again and we’ve now got a floating IP so we can just route traffic to another box instantly should it happen again

More news and upgrades will be posted next week after my weekend away. Some nice features coming soon (services based)

Upgrade complete

Hello, it’s been a very stressful few days for us whilst we upgraded our IRCd’s. The first upgrade went very well, we went from 1.0.7 to 1.0.8 without problems and we thought that was too good to be true. Well it was, we found a major bug which would crash the IRCd by simply typing /stats p. 

I’ve had to review the source and revert the changes back to its original state and push the commit as a new release 1.0.9 (Bugster) whilst 1.0.8 would work as a standalone network but once linked to remote servers it would just crash. I’m going to look deeper into the cause using a test network and check new commits also this way for future releases.

We’ve also just convinced a game I play to use LetsTalkCoding servers for chat room. This will give our user base a boost on a Wednesday night and hopefully Friday & Sunday’s 

We are sorry for the inconvenience this bug created and I’ll be working hard with a few people to fix this code! I’ll keep you posted

Network Upgrade *update*

The time has finally come, we are upgrading our IRCd to the latest release. We’ve had a very stable network (170days uptime) and think the time is right to upgrade. LetsTalkCoding is approaching another year older (2years old) 

We will be upgrading all our IRCd’s  today (8th September) this will effect Kuroi also. During the day our IRC network maybe unavailable for 45-60minutes
Sorry for any inconvenience caused during this time

Warm Regards

A Hardware failure

It seems we’ve had a hardware failure on the server hosting our forums/stats website and also our mail server.

We are working very hard to get the hardware replaced which is likely to be the next 24 – 48hours. 

Unfortunately it’s not an easy fix for myself, as the box is located 3hours from me so working with a member of family to correct the issue. From what we can gather it’s a router only which can be resolved shortly

Sorry for the inconvenience